The following is a summary of the main exclusions in the Policy, but please refer to your certificate of insurance for further details. War, revolution, goverment acts, terrorism and sabotage (this Exclusion does not apply to passive risks). Passive risk shall be deemed to mean Insureds being killed or injured because they were accidentally in a place when an act of terrorism or strike, riot and civil commotions occurred. Nuclear hazard. Self-inflicted injury or illness. Venereal disease, AIDS or AIDS related disease. Alcoholism or drug abuse. Any pre-existing conditions. Racing, motor sport, mountaineering, pot-holing, underwater activities or other hazardous pursuits and flying as a pilot or crew member, winter sports.

At the time of effecting this insurance you must be fit to travel and not be aware of any circumstances which could lead to cancellation or disruption of your planned journey. Coverage is available to adults up to the attainment of 70 years of age on the date of departure. A family means the Insured, spouse and dependant children over 1 years of age up to 19 years of age or if full-time students up to a maximum of 25 years old. No refund premium will be allowed once coverage under any section of the policy has become operative. The maximum period of insurance for a single trip is 180 days and for annual policy is 60 days per trip. One way cover is not available. This policy can only be bought by Indonesia citizens or expatriates who have permanent resident permits or KITAS to stay in Indonesia.

As a customer of SmartTraveller, you automatically become a member of the Global Assistance & Healthcare during your travelling. As a Medical Assistance provider who is experienced in providing health services and assistance, Global Assistance & Healthcare have a representative in more than 70 countries in the world. Global Assistance & Healthcare has a medical team that dedicated to provide emergency medical assistance or consultation services. Global Assistance & Healthcare is very easy to be contacted. Any time and any where you need help, assistance is provided quickly and professionally. In addition, 24 hours per day - 365 days per year service assistance has been dedicated to serving SmartTraveller customers. When you are abroad and there are EMERGENCY health problems that are covered in SmartTraveller policy, please contact the 24-hour Alarm Center to obtain service medical advice and assistance. Do not forget to mention your certificate number, full name, and travel agent.